Call for Entries

Our Call for Entries has now closed.

We have been thrilled to receive all your applications.

The Embassy of Brazil to the UK, in partnership with ACALASP (the Association of Cultural Attachés of Latin America, Spain and Portugal), People’s Palace Projects (Queen Mary University of London) and Itaú, has now closed its Call for Entries for its Ibero-American Arts Award. We have been thrilled to receive such high calibre applications in our inaugural year – our thanks go to all artists who participated in the competition.

We were looking for paintings, drawings and other works on paper; sculpture; photography; and prints on the theme of ‘UTOPIAS’. Artists had to be UK-based, of any nationality, aged 16 or over.

Following the pre-selection process which was conducted by the curatorial committee, 30 Utopian artworks will now go on display for three weeks in the heart of London at the Embassy of Brazil (14-16 Cockspur Street, SW1Y 5BL). A special jury will judge this final selection. Cash prizes, generously provided by Itaú, are to be given to the jury’s first (£3,000) and second (£1,000) choices. There will be a third cash prize winner (£1,000) for the visiting public’s favourite artwork.

We are also delighted to announce a new ‘Artist-in-Residence’ prize for the 1st-placed entry. The winner will get the chance to put on a solo exhibition at the Embassy of Brazil, which is located just a stone’s throw away from Trafalgar Square and some of the centrepieces of London’s art scene, such as the National Gallery.

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Results of Pre-Selection Process:

We hereby take pride in announcing the names of our 30 finalists and their winning artworks:

ARTIST (arranged in alphabetical order, by first name) – ARTWORK (ARTFORM)
  • Andrea Hasler – “Irreducible Complexity/Dual Act” (sculpture)
  • Andrea Valdez – “Agave” (sculpture)
  • Andres Jaroslavsky – “1976” (painting)
  • Beatriz Elorza – “Giungla” (painting)
  • Catalina Bunge – “Sociedad Chiclera” (photography)
  • Claudia Vicente – “Visitantes” (mixed media on paper)
  • Colby Benari – “Watching the Universe Fold” (painting)
  • Eca Eps – “Barbed Wire” (photography)
  • Edd Ravn – “Circus Smiles” (painting)
  • Edgar Askelovic – “US Candy” (sculpture)
  • Elena Gileva – “Feather Dress” (sculpture)
  • Federico Redin – “Coca Cola, Cinzano, Alpo & El Che Guevara” (photography)
  • Gwil Hughes – “Family Sized Packet” (mixed media painting)
  • Jade Chorkularb – “Lobha” (sculpture)
  • Jonny Briggs – “Schism” (photomontage)
  • Lohde Jana – “This is Non-existent. This is a Nowhere.” (photography)
  • Marcelo Deguchi da Silva – “Worldviews” (photography)
  • Maria Bavio – “Peacocks in Autumn” (painting)
  • Mia Pfeifer – “We will let you dream because it is all you have” (mixed media painting)
  • Omar Castaneda – “Beyond the Myth” (photography)
  • Paul Mitchell – “Shangri-La La La, Ha Ha Ha” (sculpture)
  • Rafaela Rocha – “Ogum upon Thames” (photography)
  • Rob Birch – “Following Ships Until The End of Their Journey” (digital collage)
  • Shihanki Elpitiya – “Feeling Blue” (mixed media on paper)
  • Sylvia Morgado – “Through the Sky” (sculpture)
  • Tarik Berber – “Las Pasionarias” (painting)
  • Ting Tong Chang – “P’eng’s Journey to the Southern Darkness” (sculpture)
  • Toru Nagahama – “Colour – 色彩 – Layer Tokyo” (photography)
  • Val Masferrer Oliveira – “The Spiritual Utopia – The equalitarian light” (photography)
  • Yi Dai – “Archaeology of Water No.1” (mixed media on paper)